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How mental health problems can affect the unity of a family

When an individual is battling mental illness, it can affect their relationships with family and friends. This means that the unity existing between them is likely to be strained. The emotional cost that comes with mental illness can be high, and all the parties involved will be affected. Hence, it would prevent family and friends …

Benefits of having your loved ones in aftercare treatment

Apart from addiction affecting an individual, it can also have profound effects on the family. For instance, this is why some families are at loggerheads with their addicted loved ones. There is bound to be strife, conflict, and sometimes separation in the family unit. When the individual is in recovery, the counselor and therapist often …


Fundamentally, the first point of contact during addiction is the family and friends. Hence, it is expected that these same set of people should be involved during addiction recovery. Family and friends are very important in our lives. They are the best support system that we can ever have. An individual without family and friends …


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