In the addiction process, anyone can be responsible for this chronic disease. It can also be induced by any factor.

In this piece, we will be shedding light on how the family contributes to addiction. This might sound strange to the ears, but the family contributes either passively or actively to the addiction of an individual.  

To start with, it is a mainstream idea that everyone has a family who is meant to serve as a support system.

This means that when we are down, these people are the first point of contact, to take care of us. They owe us this because we are family, and we are expected to do the same when it is their turn.

However, if an individual is going through difficult times and there is no one to stand by him or her, there is a tendency for the individual to seek help elsewhere.

In this case, the individual might seek help from the wrong quarters and it could result in addiction. It would interest you to know that, addiction thrives where love, care and affection are absent.

There are two broad categories of addiction: Substance (Chemical) addiction and behavioral addiction.

They both develop based on similar patterns, and anyone who is addicted would definitely fall into any of these categories.

Someone who is addicted to the internet for example, would spend countless number of hours there.

This individual would seek solace on the internet, and see this virtual community as a home.

So, if he or she is going through difficult times, they would rather go to the internet and pour out all their problems, than seek help in reality.

A family that does not show ample care and love when an individual is in the state of abuse, is contributing majorly to their addiction. Families are advised to be observant and more affectionate than before.

It is not really appropriate having members of the family seek help elsewhere when his or her first support system has not been utilized.

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