Fundamentally, the first point of contact during addiction is the family and friends. Hence, it is expected that these same set of people should be involved during addiction recovery.

Family and friends are very important in our lives. They are the best support system that we can ever have. An individual without family and friends can be regarded as living a non-existent life.

However, there are some people who have family and friends, but they live their lives as if they have none. People like this are susceptible to being addicted, and they cannot entirely be blamed.

There is a high possibility that the individual must have been neglected by his or her family and friends.

This is one mistake that people often make as touching addiction recovery. During this phase, it is expected that addicted individuals receive love and care from their support system.

In most cases, the reverse is the case. When people become addicted, their family and friends keep the at arms’ length because they do not want to be influenced by their addiction.

This is not really a wise move. Inasmuch as you do not want to be influenced by the addiction of an individual, it is necessary that you try to assist them in overcoming that addiction.

Someone who is really smart about this, would not be unduly influenced by the addiction, and at the same time, still seek help for them.

Family and friends need to show love and care to their loved one when he or she is addicted.

This would be useful in helping their recovery happen faster than usual. Love is a proficient mental health ingredient that works effectively when it is properly utilized.

This love can be appropriately exhibited by attending rehab with them some times, going for counseling sessions amongst others.

The individual would feel loved and happy that they have people who care for them despite their state. This would spur them on to do better during rehab and therapy sessions.  

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